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For anyone interested in joining any of our Zoom Worship Series, Zoom Bible Studies, and/ or Zoom Fellowship activities, please feel free to email the church for your Zoom access codes!!

From the Pastor:


Dear Members and Friends,

Round Grove United Church, United Church of Christ, will not hold Public Worship Celebrations or any other public events at this time.  The Boards of Deacons and Trustees approved this policy.

It has become clear the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic crisis will continue to get worse before it gets better.  The Governor of Texas has ordered schools closed at least until May 4th, Federal guidance for social distancing has been extended through April, and both the local and national levels of the UCC recommend congregations not hold Public Worship or any other public activities during this time.        

With God’s help, safe practices, prayers, and support of one another and Round Grove United Church, UCC, we continue to trust in our Divine Parent’s Loving Presence and the Hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God keep us all safe and guide our daily lives,
Rev. Dr. Byron S. Wells, Pastor
214-727-0951 (cell)     

Everyone is invited to share in our activities!  We recognize all Christians as being part of the Church – the Body of Christ.  We encourage everyone to continue to grow in their faith relationships with God based on their previous faith experiences.  Thus, everyone can remain true to his or her beliefs, while being united in Worship, Education and Service! 

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