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For Sunday April 19, 2020:

“With Glad Hearts”
Sunday, April 19, 2020 
Good morning, Easter People!

Easter is a season – not just one day! We hope you will join in all the opportunities included in our Second Sunday of Easter Worship and find them meaningful and memorable.

For full participation, please gather the following:

  • Heart stone – small stone 
  • Candle and lighter/matches
  • Heart page for “doodlers” ages 2-99 – Here’s the link: HEARTS –  Just click and print! Listen for the instructions of what to do at the beginning of “With Glad Hearts” (today’s worship video). 
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils – for all doodlers
  • At home communion (if desiring to participate) – a piece of bread or cracker and something to drink

Today’s worship links:

Easter Egg Messages Through Pentecost
We have no way of knowing when we will be worshiping together again as a faith community. Each week after you have shared in the RGUC Worship YouTube videos, take a small piece of paper and write a short message of:

  • something that stuck out to you,
  • something you learned,
  • a word or phrase that you needed to hear.

For families with children who have plastic Easter Eggs, it might be fun to put each message in an Easter Egg and collect them until we are together again. For those without plastic eggs in their household, just collect the messages through the weeks.

When we are able to gather together again, we will have a way to share these meaningful messages with each other.

Keep collecting the eggs at home until Pentecost. This is a great way for us all to solidify the idea that Easter is a “season” and not just a “day.”

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