Mission Statement

Round Grove United Church UCC
(United Church of Christ)
Mission Statement


“As a people gathered in response to God’s call,
we seek to provide for the organization of a growing and renewed church so that it is OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE
and self-governing in its approach to the following of the ministry set before it by Jesus Christ.

Called by God through the Gospel and our historical striving for Christian Unity, we seek to Worship God with praise and to respond to the positive Good News by the living out of a growing unity in Christ and the sharing of the message to the whole community.

We seek to reach out to ALL PERSONS of every age to invited them to share in Christian Fellowship, Friendship, and Support through service, fellowship gatherings, and education. We strive to follow a positive approach leading to the growth of persons in their everyday living through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We seek to grow as faithful servants of the resources God has given us for the ministry of the local church and of the missions beyond ourselves.” 

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